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Electrokinetic Concentration

Electrokinetic Concentration is a technology developed by Accelerate to concentrate microbial cells to a surface and hold them in position for image capture and analysis as they grow. Built into every 48-flowcell cassette, electrokinetic concentration is made possible through conductive coatings of the top and bottom surfaces of each flowcell of the cassette. An additional cationic coating on the bottom of each flowcell acts as a capture surface. As voltage is applied, negatively-charged bacteria and yeast migrate to the positively charged capture surface where they are positioned prior to imaging.

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  • Plastic top
  • Laminate
  • Glass bottom

Microbial cell capture

Using mild electrical charge, microbial cells are captured on flowcell channel surface, positioning them for analysis. This proprietary functionality is employed for FISH identification and time-lapse imaging for susceptibility testing.


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