Accelerate Pheno® system

It’s okay to speed.
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MIC results.

Antibiotic selection, dosage, infusion strategy –
A lot rides on the one result that drives optimal therapy decisions for patients with serious infections. The sooner antimicrobial susceptibility testing results with minimum inhibitory concentrations (MICs) get to providers, the more they can do to improve outcomes. So go ahead, break limits.

Report MIC results with interpretation faster with
the FDA-cleared Accelerate Pheno® system.
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  • Accelerate PhenoTest® BC kit
  • Average time to results:
  • Antibiotic susceptibility in ~ 7 hours
  • Identification in ~ 2 hours

Fully Automated

  • Entire process within 1 kit
  • 2 minutes to load & start
  • Direct from sample
  • No culturing for isolates
  • No manual McFarland prep

Actionable Results

  • MIC-based susceptibilities
  • SIR interpretations
  • CLSI/EUCAST breakpoints
  • Expert & Custom Rules
  • Access anywhere software

Watch how easy it is.

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One simple kit.
Over 100 results.

Everything you need to get MIC-based antimicrobial susceptibility results with identification contained in one simple, disposable kit.

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Automated Sample Preparation

Sample cleanup, dilution, cell capture and positioning. All hands-free.

Sample cleanup

Designed to accelerate your susceptibility testing, the system automatically cleans each sample using gel electrofiltration. Combined with additional system capability for polymicrobial infections, this process cuts hours of wait for you by reducing the need to grow cultures overnight before testing.

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Diluting dynamically, automatically

A technician's time is precious and for susceptibility testing, so is an accurate inoculum. Solving this time and accuracy problem, the Accelerate Pheno system determines sample concentration and dilutes dynamically right on the cassette.

No McFarland standards needed.

Learn more about Dynamic Dilution

Cell capture and positioning

Living cells move around making precise visual measurements difficult. To solve this, the system captures microbial cells onto the cassette surface, positioning them for analysis.

Learn more about Electrokinetic Concentration

Detect, Identify, Quantify

One system for your identification and susceptibility results. Fast and fully automated fluorescence in-situ hybridization drives pathogen detection, species identification, and quantitation.

Learn more about Fully Automated FISH

Which antibiotic.
How much. How often.

Move your patients from empiric to optimal therapy faster using MIC results from the Accelerate Pheno system.

Powered by Morphokinetic Cellular Analysis (MCA), the system is the first to track phenotypic features including the size, shape, and division rate of individual live cells growing into micro-colonies while being challenged by antibiotics.

Learn more about Morphokinetic Cellular Analysis


Diagnostics Supporting Stewardship

Your antimicrobial stewardship team uses many diagnostic inputs to make therapy decisions. The definitive diagnostic result they use is the minimum inhibitory concentration, or MIC, which provides the exact information to determine which antibiotic is the most targeted and effective in each patient’s situation.

With the Accelerate Pheno system, MIC results are available about 40 hours faster than current methods, expanding the value of antimicrobial stewardship.

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The Accelerate Pheno™ system and BC kit are now FDA cleared. Tell me more

Diagnostics can be complex.
The software shouldn’t be.

Easy to use and accessible from most browsers, the software was designed for microbiologists to use both inside and outside of the lab. Create a set of rules that fits your lab with condition-based notes and follow-up actions. Have the flexibility to manage testing in the lab and securely review reports from your office or home.

An intuitive user experience
Real-time status updates
LIS connectivity

System Specifications

From footprint to operating temperature.

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