Accelerate Arc™ module and BC kit

MALDI prep.

Automated rapid clean-up
of blood cultures for
direct ID by MALDI.

Registered IVD now available.

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Accelerate Arc™ module and BC kit

Finally, direct MALDI ID made easy

Finally, direct MALDI ID made easy

Reduce batching.
Increase efficiency.

With a prefilled kit and load-and-go workflow, you can minimize batching and cut hours off your wait for ID results for blood cultures.

Accelerate ARC Sysytem

How ’bout some tech time?

Just 2-3 minutes of hands-on time is all it takes for an Accelerate Arc module and BC kit. Simple enough to run on all shifts by anyone on your team.

With the extreme demand on labs today, you won’t miss the tedious, error-prone, manual steps for direct MALDI ID of blood cultures.

Registered IVD now available.

Accelerate ARC Sysytem

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Expand your breadth of ID menu for blood cultures

Now that your MALDI is easy to use direct from blood cultures, go from a limited syndromic molecular panel to your full MALDI database.

Lower your cost for rapid blood culture ID

Your total cost to rapidly identify organisms from blood cultures could be at least 50% less than what you’re paying today for a rapid molecular ID solution. Automated rapid clean-up from an Accelerate Arc module and BC kit closes the gap between blood cultures and direct MALDI ID.

Minimize wasted kits

For some labs, roughly 30% of rapid molecular tests turn up as contaminants. A direct MALDI ID could allow for more selective workflows with fewer wasted kits.

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Sample in, MALDI suspension out

A novel application of inline centrifugation and sample preparation techniques delivers a suspension of cleaned microbial cells for direct transfer to MALDI spotting plate.

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